Black Tree Ranch Rules

We hope everyone who comes out to Black Tree Ranch has a wonderful time, we expect everyone maintain civility and follow the few rules we have laid out below.


All patrons will be subject to security screening upon entry.

Individual portable chairs are allowed in designated areas only (outside of pavilion)

No backpacks or coolers allowed (small bags not exceeding 14×11×5 are permitted)

Small bags will be checked for prohibited items.

No firearms, weapons, or explosives of any kind

No outside alcohol or drugs of any kind will be permitted

No recording equipment including any flash photography, professional cameras or drones of any kind will be permitted

No glass containers

No pets

No umbrellas

No outside food of drinks will be permitted. (Each guest is welcome to bring one sealed plastic water bottle, or a single empty bottle to fill with water.)


Black Tree asks each patron to be respectful of our property and others around you.

Black Tree reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any time.

Black Tree has created a safe area of our property; going beyond barriers is prohibited.

Smoking is allowed only in designated areas (there will be no smoking under pavilion)

No fighting or vandalism of any kind will be tolerated.

Wrist bands will be given out to all patrons at the gate. These wrist bands must be worn at all times, if you are found without a wristband you will be asked to leave the facility by our security. Wristbands and badges are non transferable, non exchangeable, and non replaceable.

The weather is usually sunny, and hot with temperatures in the high 90’s. We advise you to use lots of sunscreen and drink plenty of water! Be prepared for sudden summer rains. The show will go on if at all possible! If the conditions deteriorate to the point that the public’s safety is at risk, the show may be delayed or cancelled for the day. Please listen to the directions given by announcers and security during such times.


Be prepared to walk to the concert! (the maximum distance from parking to the concert is 2,000ft)

Security personnel are on duty around the clock throughout the grounds for the entire event. Your cooperation with them is greatly appreciated! Please report any incident to an Event Staff employee.